A Random Beginning

Here begins a new identity as “Urban Monk”. I don’t totally know what that means! But I aim to find out. Over the next few months (and hopefully years!) I will be posting various ideas, books, and conversations. As we move along the path together, we will gradually forge an identity for the “Urban Monk”.

“Urban” means of the city. I think I heard correctly that over 90% of North Americans are now urban. Hey, I guess that means most of us!!! But we don’t exclude any rural compatriots.

“Monk” has all sorts of connotations, including religious overtones. It speaks to solitude, spiritual disciplines, simplicity, style of dress, community. Together “Urban Monk” bespeaks a mingling of secular and sacred, ancient and contemporary, material and spiritual.

My aim is that together we will listen to what is happening in our world today, and also hear what the universe is saying. We are at a critical juncture in the history of our planet. Things are both crumbling, and evolving. World events are not encouraging. But there is also a growing spiritual awareness, an awakening. And this movement is increasing exponentially. In this there is hope.

Let me hear your reactions to my ramblings. We will not always agree, I am sure. But together let us listen and learn along the path.