Two Book Reviews!

Just finished reading two books over the weekend. The first one I had been reading over a period of time, as it’s that sort of book – one you want to savour, contemplate, and wonder about. The second I had only recently heard about, checked it out of our local library, and read very quickly.

The Universe Speaks: A Heavenly Dialogue, Kimberly Klein, 2011.

The author’s 13 year old daughter, Talia, was killed in an airplane crash, along with her father and the pilot, in Panama in Dec, 2008. One month later Talia communicated to a family friend to let her mom know she was okay. This friend, called “G” in the book, continued to hear Talia’s communications from “the other side”. She told him to write these down, and to publish them for the world to read. What follows are the first half-year of these communications. She is basically teaching G what the heavenly realm wants humanity to know. There is a sense of urgency in these messages; the time is short. G goes through a lot of self-doubt that he is actually hearing Talia, that he is hearing her accurately, and that he has the ability to communicate these lessons to the world. Talia continually reassures him that what he is doing is good, and the right thing.

One thing that amazed me was the biblical language used by Talia, since she and her mother lived a non-religious life. I was so intrigued by this use of biblical imagery that I emailed Kimberly Klein to ask if perhaps G had a religious bent. She replied that no, he did not, no more than she and Talia had, but that he had recently picked up a Bible for the first time shortly before Talia’s death, and had read it. Kimberly thinks that the immediacy of G’s reading the Bible may have contributed to the spirit dimension communicating to him in biblical language. Spirit always relates to us in accessible terms.

Solving the Communion Enigma: What is to Come, Whitley Strieber, 2011.

In the mid-eighties Whitley Strieber had published an account of his abduction by unknown, and non-human, entities, called Communion. After some initial interest and furor over his experiences, he found himself marginalized by society. This experience pretty much wrecked his life. He continued to publish both fiction and non-fiction books, always based on para-normal occurrences.

Now, 25 years after its publication, he attempts to further understand, and explain to us, the implications of his earlier experiences. What he concludes is that these experiences were not sinister in nature. In fact, he sees them now as the beginning of a schooling for him.

The lessons he learned, and that he shares with the wider community of humans, are profound. We are being looked after by others. There definitely is much more to our existence than our material world. We are being taught how to survive on this planet. Things are urgent enough that if we don’t learn our lessons soon, we will not be able to continue living here. And these “others”, whoever, and whatever they may be, are completely committed to helping us through.

We are cared for and loved. Communications from them are not direct, but rather enigmatic. Things like crop circles, cattle mutilations, human abductions, implants, etc, are done for specific reasons. If they were to communicate openly and directly to us, we would come to rely on them, ceasing to use our own intellectual powers to solve our problems. But they are overseeing and guiding us as we seek to get ourselves out of the mess we have created on earth.