Your Soul’s Plan, Robert Schwartz

Just finished reading this book. It is an awesome depiction of how healing it can be to know that you planned your life before you were born, especially in the wake of accidents, major illnesses, deaths, personality disorders, etc. Through presenting a number of cases, Schwartz demonstrates how people were helped through gaining knowledge of their own pre-planning.

While we are still in the Spirit dimension, as souls, we participate with other souls in planning how our life on earth will proceed. The lessons we want to learn, the karma we want to take care of, other souls who will be on earth with us and in what relationship, all are things which are discussed together with our Spirit guides and teachers. Much care and thought is given to what our lives will consist of.

This knowledge alone results in a sense of acceptance and peace about events in our lives. What can seem overwhelming and negative on the physical level can, with a changed perspective, come to be seen as a gift we helped plan. When we become aware of ourselves as love and compassion, and the result of love and compassion, it changes everything.

In Church/Christian settings we often refer to “God’s will for our lives”. We spend a lot of time and energy searching for God’s will. And we wrestle with submitting to it. Robert Schwartz provides a complementary perspective to all this. This is something all humans on earth live with, our plan, God’s will, for our lives. We are here for a purpose. We have work to do. We have things to accomplish.

And all of it is for the purpose of a spiritual awakening, both for ourselves and for the entire race, indeed, for the entire universe! Our lives have meaning, deep, profound meaning. We are cared for with infinite love. There are Spirit beings always accessible to us to help us carry out our purpose. They love and support us in every way possible. Their every wish is for our success.

On the human level we often view disastrous events with dismay. We consider them setbacks to our lives, abrupt detours. With the heavenly perspective we can begin to view them with new eyes. We are given obstacles, we plan obstacles, in our lives to give us opportunities for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

There are many means available to us to help gain this perspective. Robert Schwartz has shown us one way this information can be accessed. Soul regression is another way. Shamanism, prayer, meditation, contemplation are all ways which we humans can use to help us understand ourselves as eternal soul beings living a human incarnation on earth for specific purposes.

Thank you Robert, for giving us this account of your own journey in assisting others gain a life-changing perspective on life, on their lives.