The end of patriarchy?

With a sense of disbelief, dismay and horror (and a generous dose of humour), I  watch the U.S. Republican primary race. The attacks on women have been unbelievable. These battles (for women’s rights) were fought and won so long ago. What is happening? Why is there such diabolical hatred being spewed forth against women? Again?

Yesterday I was reminded of a book I had read a year or so ago. Unplugging the Patriarchy, by Lucia René, outlines in allegorical style the story of several women whose task in this life has been a battle on the spiritual plane against some of the powers that rule this world. Their primary target is patriarchy.

These heavenly agents, in human form, battle to undo the powerful hold that patriarchy and other ruling authorities have on global society. In Lord of the Rings language, they destroy the rings of power!

The human race has lived under patriarchy for about five millennia. Patriarchy was set up, at a spiritual level, to aid our development as a people on this planet. It had a useful purpose. But patriarchy has run its course; it is no longer helpful to us. And the spirit realms have sent operatives to fight it, and enable a shift to a more healthy, holistic society.

And what we are seeing today is the fight back of these powers; they will not easily relinquish their strongholds. The news of the day shows us the death throes of the rulers.

This spring’s Republican attack on women is patriarchy’s mighty last fight. The financial crisis of 2008 was the beginning of the end for some of the money rulers. At least I hope this is the case!

The warfare is not yet over; more chaos will ensue. But as we live through these uncertain times, each of us is able to assist the battle as we open ourselves to the divine, as we raise our spiritual consciousness, as we become aware of the reality of the ruling powers which want to keep us enslaved.