Hitchhiker’s Guide

A Spiritual Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe: Travel Tips for the Spiritually Perplexed, by Paul Rademacher, Hampton Roads, 2009.

What a delightful book this turned out to be! And how synchronous that it came my way when it did. This book, in my hands, could not have been better timed!

It relates the author’s tale as he struggles with growing spiritual awareness amidst a typically mundane life. During the first stage of his journey, Rademacher moved from being a construction contractor to seminary and into church ministry. As Spirit continued to call him deeper and deeper, his spiritual questing took him into areas he knew would not be acceptable to his conservative Presbyterian congregations.

He found ways to weave some of this new learning into his ministry. But at each step of the way, he continually felt called deeper and deeper into the Spirit realm. He would just begin feeling comfortable with a certain new level of spirituality, when lo and behold, he would be shown yet another level! And he realized that each step took him closer and closer to trouble in his career.

But, as with so many of us, the realities of life kept him bound to his job in order to meet family obligations. Three growing children always had more and more pursuits costing the parents money, time and energy. How could he leave a job which was increasingly deadening in order to pursue something as fleeting and unsubstantial as the Spirit world? The person of Paul Rademacher, and his family, seems so very ordinary that it is with great delight that the reader discovers how a very ordinary person, in a very ordinary lifestyle, can be reached by Spirit and drawn out of the ordinary and natural into the extraordinary.

With refreshing style and honesty Paul Rademacher unveils the road he had to walk in order to find fulfillment. He reveals to us his growing awareness of the heavenly Father’s love and care for each and every one of us. Sometimes the lessons were painful;¬†other times¬†the intersections on the journey were a delight to discover. But at each stage of the journey Paul shows us how he learned to take the next step on the next leg of his journey.

While I myself am not compromised in my job by my own spiritual journey, I find myself increasingly at odds with old friends and with family who may not understand how the Source of all is leading me on my path. I encourage each of you readers, whether you have casual questions, or deep criticisms, of the way I am going, please keep talking! Do not turn your heads in silent judgement and slowly shuffle me out of your life. Read this book; ask me questions; tell me your own thoughts and opinions; keep the dialogue open. This journey is often as perplexing to us who push the boundaries as it is to you who watch us with dismay!

Keep tuned!

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  1. Hello Urban Monk. This is my first visit to your site and I am so grateful that you have opened your spiritual journey to us here. Thank you for your honesty and for bringing the truths you are experiencing into the light of public communication. I will read on, and feel supported in my own seeking/learning. Bravo!

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