Entangled: The Eater of Souls, by Graham Hancock, Disinformation, 2010. This author, who has written a number of bestselling books investigating historical mysteries, here turns his knowledge and skills to fiction. In a gripping novel of travel in the Spirit realm, time travelling, good and evil, Hancock tells a story of two young women, still in their teens, who become “entangled”, their destinies entwined over millennia in an effort to defeat an evil entity. Ria, about 24,000 years ago, and Leoni, in today’s world, slowly find themselves drawn into scenes of desperation, threat, danger and adventure. Both discover within themselves unsuspected strength and destiny. As they begin to believe in themselves and their calling they find themselves caught up in a life-and-death struggle.

Fairly well written, the story is extremely entertaining. It reveals a world becoming more real to me all the time, a world of Spirit travel, intervention, a world of beings who care for us, help us realize our destinies, a world where there is a struggle going on much beyond the mundanity of everyday life. While there may not always be complete agreement with everything I have learned thus far about the Spirit world, the author makes very good use of his life’s research in weaving an intriguing tale. It is well worth the read.