Soul Regression

Under the category “Out of Winkler” I am posting my own experiences in soul regression. I debated whether to co-post these chapters under “Soul Regression” as well, but decided not to. If you are interested in reading about my own soul regression sessions, please go to theĀ “Out of Winkler” heading and read chapters 13 through 15 as they get posted.

I also have conducted soul regression sessions, both PLSR (past-life soul regression) and BLSR (between-lives soul regression). If anyone in the Calgary area is interested in exploring this for themselves, I can assist in putting you in contact with therapists working in this area.

I can assure you that soul regression is a profound experience, one you will ponder for a long while. To discover for oneself just a little of what life is like as an eternal soul is life-changing. This is not for everyone, but if you feel yourself at all pulled in this direction please contact me or someone else involved in this type of work and ask the questions.