Wow! Where do I begin? The afternoon, between-lives soul regression (BLSR) lasted twice as long as the morning, past-life soul regression (PLSR). And it was profound!

The session began with another PLSR, as most BLSR sessions do. This time I was taken back to medieval times where I was a stable hand for a wealthy landowner. And again, as in my life as Frank, I was good at what I did. The details that emerged over the course of the session were that I was called Brand; I had been an orphan, but had made the most of my life. Rather than run wild on the streets, I had begun learning about horses by just hanging around the local stables. This was occurring in a smallish town somewhere in Europe. 1600’s was the time period.

I learned how to handle horses, how to harness them, shoe them. In exchange for my helping around the stables, I was able to get enough to eat and survive. Somewhere in my youth, my eventual master took notice of me and my ability to handle horses; he hired me on as one of his stablehands. Over the years I became his most trusted and senior hand.

The session began with me at the door of the stable. Another hand was having trouble with a rather spirited horse and I went over to help. I was able to talk the horse down. The horse allowed me to saddle him and lead him to the front of an impressive looking manor house. It was dark. My master came out, thanked me, jumped into the saddle and was off.

Because of my service to him, my master had given me a small house at the edge of his property to live in. Prior to this, I had slept in the stables along with the other stable hands. Once I had this cabin I began fixing it up, as it had become quite run down through non-use.

I began to court a woman who worked inside the house, in the kitchens. I had noticed her, but because of my humble background, couldn’t really pursue a relationship. After getting the cottage, I felt like I could offer her some sort of life. We married with the blessing of the owners. But as this was well into mid-life for us, we never had any children. Belinda was afflicted with quite severe arthritis. We were a fairly quiet couple. We did not talk a lot, but had a very warm and caring relationship.

As we got older, we began to discuss what would happen to us. As our abilities declined, would we continue to be of use to the master? Would he allow us to stay in “our” house if we got to the point of not being useful to him any more? My own relationship with the master was friendly, but very much servant-master. I sensed that he liked my work and service to him very much, but I did not hear much direct praise from him. Therefore, Belinda and I were quite concerned. Her abilities in the kitchen were declining, and I was getting older and less able to handle all the physical aspects of the work with the horses.

The last few years of Belinda’s life, she was hardly able to work at all, being bedfast much of the time. Some of the women she worked with in the house would come to our cottage to take care of her. She died several years before me, and I ended up alone. But the master allowed me to bury her on his property, and allowed me to continue living in our house, which by that time had taken on quite a cheery atmosphere with all the work Belinda and I had put into it.

I continued to go down to the stables, and always had a calming influence on the horses, but I was not able to do very much. Again, I was concerned about how my days would end. I needn’t have worried. As I declined in health, the master himself came down to the cottage and saw me, making sure I was okay and that my needs were being met. He ensured me I would be buried beside Belinda. This was very gratifying for me, considering my extremely humble beginnings in this life as Brand.

When I died my awareness lifted effortlessly above the scene. I surveyed it only briefly before moving on up. As I was rising up, the therapist asked me at one point to look back and see if I could yet see the curvature of the earth as it receded. I looked back and was surprised that I could already see it as a complete globe! Also I was aware of a wall of bright yellow, golden flames on my left as I rose. This intense light in no way impeded my vision.

At one point, I approached an arch suspended in the sky.  There were stars all around. The arch was sort of lit up more on the left, reflecting some of the light from the wall of flames, which by now was coalescing more into a huge ball of light. At first I thought I was cruising next to the sun, but as I moved up, this light turned out to be something different.

As I got closer to the arch, I slowed down and paused in front of it. I became aware that the arch was only one part of an entire series of arches arranged in improbable conjunction with each other at different angles and varying heights. All these arches resembled the most magnificent arches I had seen a month earlier, on a trip to France. These were graceful, sweeping to incredible heights and intertwined in a most delightful way.

Upon encouragement from the therapist, I slowly moved through the arch. I was still in mid-air, approximately two-thirds of the way up from the bottom of the arch. These arches, by the way, were not supported by anything. They just hung there in mid-air with no foundation. Also, by this time, I was aware that I appeared as a whitish, fuzzy ball, like one of those child’s toys which are just round furry balls with large black eyes sewn on.

As I moved through the arch I felt a slight tingle, sort of like a mild electrical shock. It was not unpleasant, just there. At this point the therapist suggested I approach this golden ball of light to find out if it just might turn out to be my spirit guide. I knew from my reading that one of the common, if not universal, characteristics of BLSR‘s is meeting up with our spirit guides upon entering the astral realm. These guides are heavenly beings assigned to guide us, teach us, help us through our various experiences in our various lives, and in between. They would be what is commonly thought of as a guardian angel.

Sure enough, as I approached the golden ball of light, I became aware that this was indeed my spirit guide. He (although beings in this realm don’t necessarily have gender, they often appear to us in one gender or another, mostly for our own comfort in relating and renewing our connection with them) said, “Welcome home!” Almost immediately he enveloped me and lovingly began restoring my energy. He indicated (again, to use words like “said” are misleading; communication occurs, but not really through speech forms) that I had expended much energy in this previous life as Brand, and he would heal me.

After I was restored, I found myself outside him and beside him. We continued moving through the sky, (I think we had already been moving while he was enveloping and healing me). I was quite aware that all the “stars” around me were other beings, but right where we were, it was just the two of us. As we moved, he began leading me through a series of aerobatic maneuvers. We did loops, various sorts of rolls, whooping with laughter! I would glance over at him as we did these effortless maneuvers. His large black eyes appeared to me as an eagle’s. I sensed his smile, although neither of us had mouths!

I gradually became aware that we were slowly making our way toward six “stars”, which appeared to be in a line. As we moved toward them in a relaxed and gentle way, having loads of fun soaring through the sky, I became aware that these six lights were beings, and I began to suspect they might be my Council of Elders.

This is another characteristic of entering the heavenly realm. Everyone appears before some form of group where their life just lived is evaluated. Although many titles are used to describe these groups, I will call mine the Council of Elders, a common term.

These Elders are very exalted, wise beings. On earth we would call them angels; maybe even terms like “archangels” would be appropriate. I was aware that these were supremely advanced beings with much wisdom. They appeared to me in human form, gradually becoming such as we approached.

Without going into a lot of detail, I had quite a long session with these Elders. During this time I was shown brief glimpses of two more past lives, including my first incarnation on earth. This occurred in primeval times, in a jungle, probably in present-day India. I was part of a hunting party of five. We had formed a semi-circle around a large animal, which turned out to be a tiger. The leader of the party was at the middle position of the semi-circle; I was on his right. As we got closer and closer, the tiger became aware that he was trapped up against a high rock wall. Most of our stealthy movements were directed through hand signals from the leader. As we closed in, the tiger turned and leapt high in the air toward us. We all, as one, flung our spears at him. As the tiger came down he scraped the leader, scratching him quite deeply. One of the other party jumped on the tiger and finished killing him with a stone knife, as the spears had only slowed him down, not killed him. We then looked after our leader and his wounds, dressing them as best we could out there in the bush. Then we five hoisted the tiger and returned triumphant to our clan. There was much rejoicing, both at the meat from the animal, but also from the magnificent skin we would have to demonstrate our wealth. The leader of this hunting party turned out to be the soul of my present-day brother, Wesley, who I have mentioned earlier as referring me to certain books and such.

The other life I was shown, in just one brief episode, occurred in Mayan times. This scene was introduced by one of the Council of Elders who had a medallion around his neck which had a human face on it, the outside edge containing figurative sun rays. I was a Mayan priest, part of a group of priests whose job it was to observe the skies and make calculations. As a Mayan priest I was aware that the leader of our guild was not a good man. He was cruel and oppressive, but I chose to ignore this. I felt powerless to do anything about it, but more than this, I turned a blind eye and pretended that the evil was not going on.

The lesson I was shown from this past life was that every religious leader is human. In Mayan culture, leaders were held up as divine, or near divine. Looking at Mayan ruins today, you can see that association with the divine. The top leader would have been viewed as God. But the medallion worn by my Elder showed that even though he might be depicted as a sun, or sun god, he was completely human, and subject to human failings. This past life explains the roots of my skepticism of organized religion today!

When my session with the Council was over, and I had been basically told I had done well, the six Elders stood behind their regal marble table and saluted me. They assured me I am doing well in my life as Dennis, that I will continue to play behind-the-scenes sorts of roles, that I will be a positive influence in peoples’ lives, that I have what I need to accomplish this, that I am wise, that they support me, and so on.

I prostrated myself before these extremely wise and exalted beings, so overwhelmed at their complete love and support of me and who I am. I was completely speechless. Then they begin filing out from behind the table. The first one, the one who had led the proceedings, came to me and took me by the hand to raise me upright. One by one they shook my hand, looking me in the eye in encouragement. As they filed by and to my right, they pulled up the hoods on the cloaks they are wearing, and gradually disappeared.

So, I know, without any doubts whatsoever, that I am loved, cared for, supported and protected by very powerful and wise beings in the heavens. I can move forward with confidence that I am led in the right path. I proceed with confidence that I am supplied with everything I need to accomplish the tasks I have yet to do in my life as Dennis.

The next step in this session was to take me to my group of spirit companions, my spiritual family. But much time had elapsed and I already felt so overwhelmed that I chose to end the session. The spirit family we all have is yet another common dynamic of our soul lives. I hope some day to do another session and be able to meet these soul friends of mine.

The general information about these soul groups is that they consist of souls who were all created around the same time. Thus they tend to be of similar maturity. They are often involved in the same sorts of projects. They almost always incarnate together in order to assist one another in their earthly lives. In various lives they can play different roles. A husband and wife in one life might end up being a parent/child duo in another, or best friends, or siblings.

As we join with a fetus in order to begin our earthly sojourns, we go through a fairly complete amnesia as to our true identity as soul beings. There is scriptural support for this process. Jesus, our leader, the one we are to follow and emulate, “. . . did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men. And being found in human form . . .” (Philippians 2.6-8). When we are born we empty ourselves of the awareness of our spiritual natures, and take on human form. We then spend our lives trying to recapture who we are and what we are about, what we came here to accomplish.

I came away from my soul regression session very full. This experience will remain with me for the rest of my days, I am sure.

I returned home from this experience without any awareness that there was anything more in store for me than what I had already experienced in my soul regression sessions. How naive! Read on!


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