During my first soul regression, I was taken back to my soul’s most immediate past life. As images began to come to mind I initially saw myself, my former self, from overhead. Gradually the scene cleared, and I began to see things through “my” eyes in that life. During the regression I went back and forth between these modes, seeing things from “outside”, and then actually seeing the scene through the eyes of my former self.

Without going into a lot of detail, I discovered a life lived, beginning in the 1880’s, in Illinois, U.S.A. I was a young man just setting out in life. I was assisted in buying some land outside a small town, which I proceeded to farm. The assistance came from my father and one of his friends. I had been born in Pennsylvania, where the rest of my family lived. My father’s friend lived in this small town in Illinois, thus the connection.

My name was Frank Sawyer. I was successful. I built up quite a good farm, which I later bequeathed to one of my sons. I had three children, two sons, and the youngest, a daughter. One of my sons was killed in the Great War. In my later years, my wife and I moved into town, living in a simple house, nice, but in no way extravagant. I was sought out by people in the town who admired my wisdom, simple and down-to-earth. I was not a leader by any stretch, but just a citizen of that town who was well-respected by his fellow citizens. I died in 1928, survived by my wife and two children.

Following my death I, as a soul, was able to rise above the scene, observing my funeral in the small church my family had attended all our lives. My entire life as Frank Sawyer was normal; there were no traumatic events. Sure, losing my son in the war was very sad, and I mourned deeply. But all of that was viewed by me as a normal part of life. Death was accepted matter-of-factly.

I learned that I was a very strong, stable, thoughtful and wise person. Though not in any sort of formal leadership, I was sought out, respected, solid, quiet. I learned later that this is a sort of theme that carries through my lives. I have always been a strong and respected person.

This affirms who I am today as Dennis. I have influenced a significant number of people during this lifetime. While I have occasionally sought out leadership positions, I have never been particularly successful at them. And I, even before all this soul regression stuff came along, had come to terms with that. I have seen that I can just live out my life in the circumstances in which I find myself, and be content with that.

But, I’m beginning to get ahead of myself! Some of these lessons only became clear after my between-lives session in the afternoon. So, let’s move on to that experience.