Truth, Faith

I was tempted to name this post “Truth versus Faith”, but that did not quite capture what I am trying to say. This post is the result of a discussion I am engaged in with a young man in my church. He is interested in some of my positions, my beliefs. When I asked him whether his aim was to “restore” me to the faith, he replied, “No.” He insists his own position is only one of seeking the truth; that he wants to listen, hear what I believe, and allow that to inform his own beliefs. We will see!!!

The “Truth” which I have been led into, does not fit¬†consistently¬†with the “Faith” of the Church. As I have asked in other contexts, what does a person do when faced with “Truth” which does not line up with “Faith”? Do I stubbornly stay with “Faith”, thus rejecting “Truth”? Or do I embrace the “Truth” of what I am experiencing, and allow the chips of “Faith” to fall where they may? Any of you who have been following my Urban Monk postings know where I come down on that question!

Once again, I appeal to the example of Jesus, who appeared on the scene, not following the orthodoxy of “Faith”, proclaiming “Truth” at odds with prevailing doctrine. I truly believe that God, the Source of all, is doing a similar thing in our day. The “Faith” of Church has become so encrusted with tradition, with centuries-long ways of interpreting “Truth”, that it doesn’t always hold true any more.

Many who have come to positions similar to mine have left the Church. I still feel I am to remain in my church, for whatever reason. I don’t understand all this very well. But here I am!

The world-wide spiritual awakening taking place today has reportedly reached the vicinity of four to five percent of the population. This is getting close to critical mass. 4-5% can significantly affect the whole. It is exciting to be part of something like this happening in my life-time. I respond with extreme gratitude to Spirit for choosing to reveal “Truth” to me. It makes me an oddball in some circles. It causes considerable consternation at times. But it is an exciting journey to be on.

I saw a billboard ad a couple days ago: “COME HOME; TRUTH CHURCH”. I can only imagine what they proclaim! They would be so arrogant as to presume to tell me what “Truth” is? I think I will stick with God and his Spirit as my source of “Truth”!!! I certainly do not know “Truth” in entirety. I know only a very little bit. In fact, the more I learn, the more I realize I have yet to learn. But I am being led on a journey of discovery. God, heaven, Spirit, are so much more complex and vast than we can ever, ever imagine in our “Faith” formulations!

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  1. If you accept the standard definition of truth then when you say God is revealing truth which is inconsistent with prevailing doctrine then prevailing doctrine must be false. That is the nature of truth; whatever is consistent with reality is true and what is inconsistent with reality is not true (I.e. false) Which of the prevailing doctrines are false?

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