Ruthie Foster

My goodness!! Went to hear this little Texas girl with the big voice the other night. I have heard her gospel/blues renditions three or four times in the past few years. And every time is awesome! Ruthie has such a big, big voice I can hardly believe it every time I hear her. As my wife says, it’s like her voice comes right up out of the earth and exits through her mouth.

She ended her concert the other night with a long-time favourite, “Death Came Knockin'”. The chorus of this song is, “Hallelujah! Done, done my duty!” Sounds to me like an acknowledgement of someone who has come to earth to accomplish certain things, and is aware of that fact. When it comes time to die, they just buckle up their shoes and get on with it! I done, done my duty. I have accomplished what I came here to do. Hallelujah! I can let go of this life, and get back to my natural home.

I love the concept! That is certainly how I view life, our earthly life. We come here to do some thing, some task. When it is done we can be released of this life, strip off this body like a wetsuit, and return to where we belong.

And Ruthie Foster captures that idea in her signature song.

I urge anyone reading this: if you ever have a chance to go see this woman in person, do it! Do not hesitate for a moment! She is worth hearing, especially in person. She is an amazing presence on stage. Her voice is unparalleled. Truly entertaining!