Billy Fingers

I have read so much about near-death experiences. This book, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, is about an after-death experience. A few weeks after his death, William Cohen, aka Billy Fingers, begins communicating with his sister, Annie Kagan, sharing with her his experiences in the afterlife he finds himself in.

Annie’s brother Billy had lived a life most people would classify as loser: homeless, a drug addict, shiftless, he was killed by a car he drunkenly ran out in front of. His entire 62 years of life had been spent in reaction to his addictions, never amounting to anything. After hearing of his death from the police, Annie begins hearing Billy’s voice. He tells her what he is experiencing in his afterlife.

Several reactions: first, Billy’s experience is entirely consistent with everything else I have ever read on the afterlife. While each person’s experience is unique in some ways, there is entirely too much consistency in all these experiences to be brushed aside. Billy’s tale only solidifies the knowledge which exists about what happens to us after we die. Whether it is through near-death experiences, after-death experiences (like Billy’s), out-of-body experiences, soul-regression experiences (such as I have had), all show a remarkable consistency. Yes, our uniqueness carries through after we die, and each of our after-life experiences will reflect this uniqueness; but there is so much that is similar, that there is undeniable consistency in what we go through after our life on earth is complete.

Second, Billy’s experience teaches us we cannot judge another person’s life based on worldly values of success and failure. Billy apparently had agreed to live this life which society labels “loser”. Again, this is entirely consistent with what I have learned so far about the contracts we agree to before being born into our lives.

A third reaction: Annie’s story of her encounters with her brother from his afterlife is so well written, so entertaining to read, and accessible on so many levels, that this is a worthwhile book to pursue no matter what your interest may be on such subjects. It is a beautiful story, so full of hope, so full of joy and encouragement, anyone would benefit from reading this delightful little story.