Area 51

Yes, another book on alien/UFO phenomenon! I keep encountering these things! (I’m not sure what that says!!!) This book, Inside the Real Area 51: the Secret History of Wright-Patterson, by Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt, goes into great detail in attempting to determine what has happened at Wright-Patterson over the years. Corso, in his book I reviewed a couple months ago, stated that he had encountered the bodies of alien beings on their way from Roswell to Wright-Patterson in 1947. So I think it is no surprise to anyone following these stories that a lot, if not all, of the alien retrievals ended up there.

Whether this materiel is still there is open to conjecture. The sources Carey and Schmitt interviewed did not usually know whether some or all of it may have been moved to Area 51 in Nevada. They do know that Wright-Patterson has huge networks of underground areas. Some have described seeing the largest of aircraft sitting underground. Numerous buildings are connected via a vast system of tunnels and access points. Some of the underground facilities have been covered over and are made to look as if they’ve never been.

While some of the book gets way more detailed than I appreciate, the book is still well worth the read. It is quite fascinating to get a fairly intense inside look into the machinations of the US military. This book helps me understand better the context of the first UFO retrievals of the 1940’s and 50’s, and accept the necessity felt among authorities to keep this information from the public. The great “weather balloon hoax” begun with the 1947 Roswell crash has continued up to this day. Even though the public no longer accepts this, the authorities continue to parrot this junk.

But the cold-war atmosphere of the 1950’s was very real. These craft being retrieved were not immediately identified as being extra-terrestrial. The fear was that they were Russian, and that the “enemy” was way ahead of us technologically. There was also fear that if this technology was revealed to the public that Russia would get their hands on it and be able to develop it into weapons before the US could do that.

Today it’s as if the whole idea of conspiracy theory has been turned on its head. It is very obvious by now that it is the military who is guilty of conspiring theories to keep the public ignorant. The vast majority of people now know that we have been (and thus likely: are being) visited by creatures from other planets. The authors, despite persistent rumours to the contrary, do not believe that the US government will disclose the truth about this anytime soon.