Proof of the Pudding

The Proof of the Pudding In Life After Death, by Margaret Davenport-Freed, is a light look at the author’s work as a medium. She has obtained much information about life after death through this work over many decades.

While I am sure that this information has deepened her life and her work, this does not come through in the book. She keeps everything very superficial, not digging into anything of substance. This was quite a disappointment to me. And not least because Margaret Davenport-Freed lives and works in Calgary, my own home city.

Though the writing was elementary, the information the author shares about the after-life is totally consistent with information I have gleaned from other sources. The continuing of consciousness after physical death, the continuing of a person’s personality on the other side, the continuing contact, the continuing care of those on the other side for us still in body, all of this rings true with other sources. All I have been learning is further validated through this author’s stories. For that, this book is a value.

So, for anyone wanting an introductory look at the spirit world, the after-life, and are willing to wade through numerous typos, this book is worth checking out. If you have already progressed a ways in your own search for truth, you may not find a whole lot here to enlighten you.