An Uplifting Dream

I had a dream last night which left me feeling so positive I felt I had to share it.

As many of my dreams do, this one involved travel. There was a long, involved section of the dream which I have no real clear recollection of. But at some point in the journey, I found myself in a room with an old lady. The only other person present was Peggy, my wife. This old woman, in the dream familiar to me, has no connection to anyone I know or have known. She looked to be in her eighties, a typical older Mennonite-type person.

But for some reason I was filling her in on where I was at in my spiritual journey. I remember making the statement that I no longer held the Christian scriptures, the Bible, as my main source of truth. I could see the dismay in her face. She didn’t argue with me, but I could see she thought I was really “lost”!

So I set out to reassure her that my relationship with God was solid, that I had never been more confident in my faith in God and heaven and the Spirit dimension. “I’ve been there; I know where I stand; I know what I believe, what I’ve experienced.”

I also sought to reassure her that I did not think she was “wrong”; I was not trying to convince her to change her beliefs. I was merely trying to inform her of where I was at in my spiritual life. And whoever this woman was, or represents from my past, this was important to me. I wanted her to be reassured. I wanted her to know where I was at. And that the place I was at was a good place, not one to be feared. She did not need to fear for my spiritual life!

The main thing I took away from this dream was the completely overwhelming feeling I had toward the end of the dream of being filled with light. I felt so loved, so accepted, by the Spirit realm. I was so reassured that I was on the right track in my life, in my beliefs. I felt light, I felt I was glowing, almost floating in the room. I felt very close to my Spirit guides, very surrounded by the “cloud of witnesses” which the scriptures assure us of. I suspect this was the main reason for the dream. I was given it as a confidence-booster to reassure me I was on the right track, to feel encouraged to continue on my path. And this feeling of encouragement was so strong I sensed I should share this with the world through this blog, and not confine it to my journal.