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  1. No. I know I am not a frequent blogger, but I still value the site as a place to air my comments and review what I am reading and viewing. Thanks for the offer, but my answer is no.

  2. Just watched your interview with Scott Mann re: his book, Game Changers! I was blown away at this and the information he gave on solutions and a detailed outline of extremest and valid solutions to what is happen g! I will def buy this book to learn more. Why does main stream media only present one side??? Are you on a FB? Thank you again! This was great!

  3. This website is primarily a vehicle for me to share my own spirituality with whomever. No direct “spiritual services” are offered. If you wish to engage in conversation about any of the topics I have posted over the years, I am more than happy to hear what you have to say!!

  4. Dear UrbanMonk,
    I came across your web page on a search. Think its unique & I just wanted to share my Love of Sylvia Browne & all her book. I’ve been a faithful follower of hers since the early 90’s. I watched her every Wednesday on the Montel Williams show for years.
    I grew up Catholic & Christian as well as received communion. In my half lifetime span, I always felt in my heart a lot of the bible and context wasn’t fully pure. That is how I became a follower of Sylvia.
    I quit going to church a year and half ago. The scripture being read and translated once again, made me feel bad. And that was the last straw for me. Sylvia always said, ” take what you want and leave the rest about whatever she was talking about, in which I do. She also repeats to do you’re own research. All her books by reading have resounded in my heart & spirit just by reading them.
    She is a true Gnostic Christian. And she has repeated that all Christianity is, is being like Christ.
    Sylvia had opened my eyes to Azna, Mother God who is part of Om God, who are God. It wasn’t till I started calling on her that she helped me to get rid of the negativity around me.
    I went through a long desert period Bc I was so hurt that all my childhood I felt I was told the truth & a lie at the same time when it came to Catholic/Christianity of my background.
    In the 80’s they used to have a tv commercial ad for Christians Childrens Fund for children in 3rd world countries, it’s 2016 and the same white haired man is on the same commercial only it is now called, Childrens Fund.
    Of our popular religions in the US, ever since I was a little girl & that money basket would go around, I didn’t think I would see that commercial again.
    Sylvia didn’t really delve into secret societies. She does have a book on it, but I think in my heart what she wanted was to help people & not bring them down as well as OPEN PEOPLES EYES TO AZNA.
    When I think about our government & their past, in my heart, government & church are one & the same.
    I bounced around from church to church a lot & all I ever heard was, ” do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior” , everytime. And yes I have, at least I’m on his side.
    Bc they have kept info from us for control purposes, in my heart I belive Jesus was crucified and lived on as well and traveled incognito and spread teachings of Love & God.
    It’s just my guess, but I belive only in my heart if it’s even real, the shroud of touran is Bc God healed him so he could do his work. In my heart I also believe whoever liked money back in the day hid a lot of info from us.
    Sylvia said we need to not be fearful.
    And I had lived fearful for many years of my life, but it was only till I was made known of Azna that I started to really feel a change for myself which now I pray & give thanks to her as well.
    I live my life praying to God, the principalities, throngs, Angels, spirit guides, Saints, Jesus, Christ Conciousness And most of all ask for protection from negativity.
    Like she repeatedly said, take what you want and leave the rest. Live life, do good & go home.
    If you have time, go to Sylvia Browne website, which should take you to Novus Spiritus. In the right column click the Internet radio ( blogtalkradio.com ) there you can hear recorded trances of Francine, I just came upon it not too long ago.
    Thank you for sharing your insightful feeling of grain of salt of a lady I Love Dearly.

  5. Dear Monk:
    I want to feel better , I get lost in my thoughts that scare me at times. It might be some anxiety about how to deal with my life on a day-to-day basis./ I am 54 years young and single. i do live with family in Brooklyn, NY
    What do u recommend for feeling nervous and anxious at times. i dont want to take medicine. i don’t smoke. i dont drink. i dont drink coffee. but i need some guidance. i do pray to g-d everyday to feel better. i go to synagogue on the Sabbath. i give charity.
    i do good deeds. i help people when the situation arises. i also work with my dad in a small engineering company. i feel their is some weird energy in this office. can u help me clear out this energy as well. thank you.

  6. I am watching miracle mindset with JJ Virgin. What worked for me was. Failing was Not an Option’. Not listening to the negative stuff and there
    was no plan B. I pulled off a miracle. It is all in your mind. If I would have known that only 2% of the people make it, I would have sabotaged myself for sure.

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