Split Lives?

A few weeks ago I had a very profound dream. In the dream I was an old woman; I was with my grand-daughter. We were in a house which had been destroyed by some natural disaster, like a hurricane. There was no roof; debris was everywhere. My grand-daughter was looking for something dear to her. I directed her to look behind an upright piano. This piano was standing next to a mostly intact wall, with debris, like boards, sheets of plywood and the like scattered around and leaning against the piano. We had to move some of this, my grand-daughter doing most of this moving stuff out of the way, with me mostly standing by and giving advice. As my grand-daughter was crawling down on the floor around the back side of the piano, my daughter, the mother of the little girl, arrived on the scene, and we stood observing the progress of the little one.

This was the culmination of a longer dream, but is pretty much all I remember. As I was coming out of this dream, waking up, before I was fully awake, I had the very, very distinct impression that this grandmother was my soul in another incarnation, a “split incarnation”. That is, my soul decided in its between-lives state to become two humans at the same time. This message I was receiving was very clear to me. It was not the same as awakening and wondering what the preceding dream had meant, remembering the scenes, etc, the result of analyzing. No, this was more like receiving this information prior to my being able to process the dream. This was not the result of thinking about and wondering about this dream. It was almost like it was tacked on to the end as information for me.

Then, a few moments later, entering the more usual period of lying there processing the dream, wondering and remembering certain details, I became aware that my skin in the dream was quite dark. Not as dark as Negro skin, but more like being a fairly dark-skinned middle-eastern woman, or perhaps a darker skinned south american.

This information, that my soul was incarnated into two persons at the same time, was completely startling to me. I had heard of the phenomenon; I knew of this dynamic of souls splitting into two incarnations at the same time. But I had never even remotely considered this as a possibility for myself!

When I was undergoing BLSR (Between Lives Soul Regression) training in Boulder, Colorado, under Linda Backman, she told us about the possibility of split incarnations. In fact, although I don’t remember for sure, I think she has been shown that she herself is a split incarnation. I contacted her about this dream, and the subsequent revelation that this was me in another life!! And I may yet contact her for more in-depth analysis and understanding of this phenomenon.

One thing I have wondered about, and which this dream has helped in my understanding of my current life as Dennis, is that throughout my life I have had a number of experiences of being perceived by others as very talented and able. But subsequent to initial contact, I feel I have let people down, that I did not live up to the initial expectations people (and myself) had of me. I have disappointed myself and others in not being able to fulfill hopes.

During my first contact with Linda Backman, a psychologist extremely experienced in the fields of soul regression, she told me that she perceived me as an advanced soul. I did not accept this judgement at the time, due to my own self-perception of immaturity. I could see times during my life when I had opportunities to do some seemingly positive things, even great things. But for whatever reason, these opportunities never seemed to pan out. I would end up failing, at least from an earthly perspective, and certainly from my own perception of myself.

Musing upon this dream I have wondered whether being part of a split incarnation means I did not bring quite enough soul-energy into this life I am now living. This is another aspect of soul lives I have been learning over the past decade or so. We as souls, together with our soul-guides, decide what percentage of our soul-energy we want to bring into the life we are considering entering. Typically souls will bring just over half their soul-energy into their lives. Bringing too much can lead to burn-out. Bringing too little can lead to lack of energy in the incarnation.

I know this is a dynamic is not unique to split-incarnations. Too little soul-energy can be present in a single incarnation as well as in a split incarnation, but it seems to me if I decided to split my incarnation, it would’ve been more likely to not take quite enough soul-energy into at least this incarnation of Dennis, that is, more likely than if my Dennis-life was the only life I was currently living. With the possibility of two incarnations, there would be less soul-energy available for each individual life. I, of course, will not know whether this is true, and I will not know whether this has been a similar experience of my split incarnation (the older, dark-skinned woman), until we are reunited between lives!

The bottom line is, I guess, that over all, I have been quite satisfied with my life as Dennis. When I went through my initial BLSR session back in 2011 I was told by my spirit-guides that I was doing a good job of this life, that I was following the tasks I had agreed to when planning this incarnation. Also, I was told that I had everything I needed to complete this life as planned. So I really don’t have any tension that I “should” be doing more or anything! I have been very happy doing what I am doing, and am able to rest in the fact that this is okay with heaven. I know that when we plan our lives, they are not always hugely intense, highly visibly successful lives (in the eyes of other people). Sometimes we come into a life to be an impact to a very few, in very subtle ways. I am here to live a rather quiet life. And that’s okay with me!

So, all this new information is not really stressing me or anything! All it does is add another piece to the puzzle. It helps me understand this life just a little better. I view this dream, and the startling revelation at the end, as a gift from the Spirit realm. It is yet one more aspect of feeling accepted, loved, supported, aided. I am being walked along-side. I am never very far from supernatural assistance and support!!!!

No Regrets, an intro

I want to write more extensively on this topic, but here is a beginning!

I have tried to live my life with no regrets. This is not usually easy! All around us people live regretting things in their past. They regret decisions they have made. They regret decisions they did not make. They regret situations that either of the above resulted in.

I could easily live with regret for things I have done, not done, or could’ve done differently. But exposure to the whole world of soul regression and the Spirit realm has helped me better deal with this. It has given me a perspective of the divine which in turn has influenced perspectives on this life I now lead. It has helped me have a much healthier approach to life and how I view my past.

As I said above, I want to explore this in more detail, but for now I just wanted to open up the topic. It has been high in my mind for the past few weeks and I wanted to at least get started!

Soul Regression stories

Oh man! This is a post which brings together numerous threads in my life! I will begin with getting some regrets out of the way! This is a review of a book edited by Michael Newton, whose other books helped propel me on my own journey of transformation and new understandings of truth. I read his other two books (his two main ones) before beginning this website, always intending to review those books online at some point. Months ago I actually began a review of them, but never finished; they still sit on the shelf above my computer desk! (For interested readers, the names of those two Michael Newton books are, Journey of Souls, and Destiny of Souls.) In those books Dr Newton outlines his life’s work in the field of soul regression hypnotherapy. He includes many case studies to illustrate the profound healing found by so many through this therapy.

The subject of this particular review is a further book titled, Memories of the Afterlife: Life-Between-Lives, Stories of Personal Transformation. The book consists of case study stories by members of the Newton Institute, trained in the methods pioneered by Michael Newton. Dr Newton edits the book, inserting notes about each of the cases presented.

As with Michael Newton’s work, these stories illustrate the deep transformation that often accompanies a soul regression experience. The stories are absolutely phenomenal! Anyone with the least bit of interest in this field will be well served by searching out a copy of this book and perusing it.

There are a wide variety of types of cases, undergone by a wide variety of types of people. People from all walks of life, at all stages of emotional and spiritual maturity, with all sorts of presenting problems, receive deep healing and insight into themselves and their state in life. Insight from not only past-life regression, but especially from between-lives regression creates a lasting impression, propels one along the journey of life. People who find themselves stuck in some way in their own search for answers often find incredible growth from the knowledge and experience provided by soul regression hypnotherapy.

An interesting sidelight: the therapist with whom I did my initial soul regression sessions is featured as one of the authors of this book! Rifa Hodgson of Vancouver is the person whom I sought out after first being exposed to the idea of soul regression. (Readers interested in my own journey in this regard can get more information in the Out of Winkler section of this website, especially chapters 13, 14 and 15.)

Since there is so much information on the incredible transforming power of soul regression hypnosis available today, I am going to focus the remainder of this review on an idea Michael Newton touches on right at the end of Memories of the Afterlife. This is a question I have pondered myself, and had not come up with satisfactory answers.

The question involves the possibility that by getting involved in this field we are somehow “playing god”. Is the information gleaned from these experiences truly helpful in the long run to the clients? What is the bigger picture at work here?

One of the bits of information discovered through decades of soul regression hypnosis sessions with thousands of clients, therapists have discovered a lot about how the afterlife actually is. This information, these glimpses into the afterlife, are experienced truth, not just beliefs formed from whatever sources. The many sessions from many people have provided Dr Newton and his colleagues a very consistent picture of what the spirit world looks like, how it operates, the experience we can expect upon our earthly death. (By the way, this is not always consistent with prevailing doctrine from organized religion!)

One of the bits of information which has been discovered is that when we are born into this world, we undergo a sort of amnesia. We forget our spiritual origins; we forget our true home, our true nature. Prior to incarnating upon earth, we undergo a process of decision making involving what sort of life we are entering, what sort of tasks we are undertaking to learn during this particular life-time. Included in this decision are the particulars of where, when and to whom we will be born.

During a soul regression session these details are often uncovered. We are often taken through the decision-making process we experienced prior to being born into our current life. Dr Newton asks the question, “If amnesia exists at birth to block our soul life on a conscious level, are we not tampering with a divine ethical plan by using hypnosis to break these blocks?” (p 310)

I myself have undergone training to become a soul regression hypnotherapist. As part of the training, of course, I have done a number of practicum sessions on willing guinea-pig clients. Most of these have been phenomenal experiences, both for me and for the client. “Wow!!!” is a frequent initial response when bringing a client up out of hypnosis. It is absolutely impossible to imagine how wonderfully transforming such a session can be, without actually going through it for yourself.

But I have also experienced a couple sessions where I seriously questioned the benefit the client received. They were not entirely satisfactory experiences, either for myself, or for the client. These few sessions are what caused me to ask myself the questions posed by Dr Newton in this footnote. Was I “playing god” by seeking to guide these clients into an experience of their own afterlife existence? Was my lack of success an indication that I shouldn’t be messing with this sort of thing? As a result I radically backed off from offering these sessions to the public. I wanted to know whether soul regression was “okay” with the divine, whether this was a helpful form of growth and insight for people, whether my own involvement was something to question, whether I was doing it “right”, whether I needed more training to be more effective, etc.

Thus it was with a sense of relief that I read that Michael Newton himself has asked himself similar questions. And his answers to this dilemma are what I myself had pretty much come to, even if in a questioning way! Was my line of reasoning correct? Was I seeing things accurately, was I getting the big picture, the whole issue?

The answer, you see, has to do with the actual nature of the hypnosis sessions. When we as therapists guide our clients into their regressive state, our main involvement is in the guiding. Once our client has been led into a state of deep relaxation, into a state-of-mind where they are able to connect with their deepest memories, it is almost as if we step aside and allow the spirit guides and counsellors to take over and lead the session from there. We are not in charge. The client, together with their own spirit guides and wise ones, seek out the information the client needs in order to live their current life. Which truths of their spiritual nature they experience, and their place in the heavenly scheme of things, depends on what they need to know for their current material life. “If we are not supposed to know about these truths, no amount of hypnosis, meditation, channeling, etc, could remove these blocks. In my view, each person in a deep altered state of consciousness sees what they are supposed to see as determined by their personal guides. Some people are more blocked than others, depending on [various] factors.” (p 310) This has been my own experience both as a client and as a therapist. I agree heartily.

Another factor is raised by Dr Newton, perhaps more of a question for us to ponder. “Why are amnesic blocks about our afterlife lessening in the twenty-first century from the use of advanced methodological discoveries in hypnosis? We live in a world more overpopulated today than ever before, resulting in a diminished identity of the individual. Add to this the greatest prevalence of chemical dependency of all time. Drugs cloud the progress of the soul. Perhaps this is the reason our guides and spiritual masters are allowing more information to be released about our spiritual past than ever before in human history.” (p 310)

I would go along with this, and even further. I believe that there is a great spiritual transformation taking place upon the earth. And I believe that soul regression is one of the manifestations of this. Millions of people on the planet are awakening to their true nature as spiritual beings. Soul regression is one way this transformation is taking place.

Isn’t this an exciting and fascinating time to be alive? Even more, isn’t this why those of us alive on earth today agreed to come at this particular time, and to the particular place where we were born and raised? Out of Winkler indeed!!!!


Soul Regression

Under the category “Out of Winkler” I am posting my own experiences in soul regression. I debated whether to co-post these chapters under “Soul Regression” as well, but decided not to. If you are interested in reading about my own soul regression sessions, please go to the “Out of Winkler” heading and read chapters 13 through 15 as they get posted.

I also have conducted soul regression sessions, both PLSR (past-life soul regression) and BLSR (between-lives soul regression). If anyone in the Calgary area is interested in exploring this for themselves, I can assist in putting you in contact with therapists working in this area.

I can assure you that soul regression is a profound experience, one you will ponder for a long while. To discover for oneself just a little of what life is like as an eternal soul is life-changing. This is not for everyone, but if you feel yourself at all pulled in this direction please contact me or someone else involved in this type of work and ask the questions.


“Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” The Christian writings are full of sayings like that one from Matthew. We are encouraged to ask for what we need. This goes against my grain, having been raised to be self-sufficient in our I-can-do-anything-I-set-my-mind-to-do culture.

Why does the Divine want us to ask? Is it because he needs to be needed?! Does he feel inadequate without someone seeking his aid?! Is it for connection? I don’t fully know. But I suspect that at least part of our asking is for our own growth, our own good. We need to be connected to the Source in order to realize who we are as part of the Divine. We need to acknowledge our need for help from beyond.

And, when we do ask, seek, and knock, are we prepared for what might come? Or is the result already determined in our minds? Do we have limits on what God can respond with? Does our understanding of scripture limit our imagination?

My experience says be prepared for anything when I ask, seek, or knock! It might not be what I had planned. It might not fit with what I think is truth. It might go against the grain of my surrounding culture.

A few days ago I was feeling discouraged. I asked for some indication that my venture into soul regression work was the way I was supposed to be going. That very day I had two hits! The results were absolutely marvelous!

One illustration: while leading a client into the Spirit realm during a soul regression session she asked about energy work, energy shifts. She was told (among other things) that Dennis knows all this; he does not need to write it down! Which, of course, I was frantically doing at the time! Here I was conducting a session to assist the client, and I was being encouraged that I had knowledge, and not to discount my own wisdom! You never know what you will receive when you ask, when you seek, when you knock. And in what form the answer may come.

Thank you!


Hereafter, a movie directed by Clint Eastwood, and starring Matt Damon, is a marvel to behold! Although coming with famous Hollywood names, it does not do the typical Hollywood treatment. It handles its subject matter delicately, and does not provide glib answers.

Its subject matter, the hereafter, is something almost all of us have questions about. What happens to us when we die? Where do our loved ones go who have died? What’s it like over there? How can I be sure they are okay? Can I connect with them? How can I learn about the hereafter?

Three stories, three people, each with their own, very unique, connection with the hereafter, are dealing with these and other questions. Three locations, Paris, London, and San Francisco. In a very gentle manner, Eastwood unveils these stories, and slowly, inevitably, brings them together. It is absolutely beautiful!

George (Damon) has a psychic gift which he considers a curse. He is able to make connection with the loved ones of people he meets who have passed on. He makes every effort to avoid using this gift, trying to pretend he does not have this ability. This doesn’t work, of course! Marie, a French TV celebrity, has a near-death experience causing many questions and sending her on a quest for answers. Marcus loses his twin brother in an accident and single-mindedly begins a search for connection.

For anyone with the least little bit of interest in the hereafter, this is a movie well worth tracking down and renting or purchasing. I am including it in the Soul Regression category of Urban Monk, not because it involves SR, but because it deals with the Spirit realm which is the realm SR accesses. And it does so in such a wonderful and attractive way that anyone interested in SR would be interested in this movie.

Check it out, folks! You’ll be glad you did!


Your Soul’s Plan, Robert Schwartz

Just finished reading this book. It is an awesome depiction of how healing it can be to know that you planned your life before you were born, especially in the wake of accidents, major illnesses, deaths, personality disorders, etc. Through presenting a number of cases, Schwartz demonstrates how people were helped through gaining knowledge of their own pre-planning.

While we are still in the Spirit dimension, as souls, we participate with other souls in planning how our life on earth will proceed. The lessons we want to learn, the karma we want to take care of, other souls who will be on earth with us and in what relationship, all are things which are discussed together with our Spirit guides and teachers. Much care and thought is given to what our lives will consist of.

This knowledge alone results in a sense of acceptance and peace about events in our lives. What can seem overwhelming and negative on the physical level can, with a changed perspective, come to be seen as a gift we helped plan. When we become aware of ourselves as love and compassion, and the result of love and compassion, it changes everything.

In Church/Christian settings we often refer to “God’s will for our lives”. We spend a lot of time and energy searching for God’s will. And we wrestle with submitting to it. Robert Schwartz provides a complementary perspective to all this. This is something all humans on earth live with, our plan, God’s will, for our lives. We are here for a purpose. We have work to do. We have things to accomplish.

And all of it is for the purpose of a spiritual awakening, both for ourselves and for the entire race, indeed, for the entire universe! Our lives have meaning, deep, profound meaning. We are cared for with infinite love. There are Spirit beings always accessible to us to help us carry out our purpose. They love and support us in every way possible. Their every wish is for our success.

On the human level we often view disastrous events with dismay. We consider them setbacks to our lives, abrupt detours. With the heavenly perspective we can begin to view them with new eyes. We are given obstacles, we plan obstacles, in our lives to give us opportunities for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

There are many means available to us to help gain this perspective. Robert Schwartz has shown us one way this information can be accessed. Soul regression is another way. Shamanism, prayer, meditation, contemplation are all ways which we humans can use to help us understand ourselves as eternal soul beings living a human incarnation on earth for specific purposes.

Thank you Robert, for giving us this account of your own journey in assisting others gain a life-changing perspective on life, on their lives.