Some quick notes on recent happenings: yesterday I was hit by a bout of insomnia, something I experience occasionally. And I felt very negative, attacked, even. I could not sense the presence of my own one, God, heaven, or anything spiritual. I felt empty, alone, bereft. I prayed, I meditated, finally fell back to sleep for an insufficient time.

During the day, I had several experiences which totally turned my outlook around! I ran into a couple of people who expressed real interest in what I was reading. We discussed common interests, etc. Very encouraging.

Later in the day I encountered a person severely depressed over things happening in his life. I was able to be a listening ear and say some encouraging things (hopefully encouraging!!!). It felt Spirit was using me to help a fellow sufferer on the road.

Over all, these two incidents helped me feel back in touch, back in tune, in step.

Thank you, thank you, thank you my own one!!