I recently read Anita Moorjani’s account of her Near Death Experience (NDE). And last night I watched an online interview with Dr Eben Alexander. He is a neuro-surgeon who had a very deep NDE. Both of these people’s experiences were utterly profound; both of them defied all medical odds; both were declared complete medical miracles; both of them received messages from the other side which they were to broadcast upon their return to earth.

And, as my wife pointed out, both of them have had to work at retaining their contact with Spirit upon return. It does not seem to have been automatic that they continue to hear Spirit and retain the wonder they experienced on the other side. They both find that as life goes on, as they get involved in the business of everyday life, they gradually lose contact; it begins to dim and recede. So both of them have to work at maintaining this contact.

I find this tremendously encouraging. Finding myself distanced from Source/Spirit, I get very discouraged. And it is easy to think that if only I had a profound experience like these folks have had it would be so much easier; I wouldn’t have to work at it so diligently.

But if they have to work at it, who have had these profound experiences, how much more should I expect to have to work at maintaining my link to the other side, to nurturing my memories of heaven? I think that must be part of the deal! We have our responsibility, our work to do while on this side, while in the flesh.

[Watch for my upcoming review of Dr Alexander’s book, Proof of Heaven. It will hopefully appear in a couple months.]