Lessons From Readings

The two book reviews published below resulted in some interesting speculation. What are the messages from them? Are there common themes? What is the spirit dimension trying to say to us in 2012? While I am sure both these books will stay with me for awhile, here are some initial reactions:

Both of these books, coming from radically differing perspectives, carry common themes. One is the sense of urgency. We don’t have much time. We humans have created a fine mess here on earth, and it won’t be long before it becomes unsustainable. Another strong theme coming from both these authors is the care for us coming from the spirit dimension. We are cared for; the divine element wants us to succeed, to do well, to survive. Another common message is that it is up to us to listen. “Nothing happens without requesting it,” says Talia from beyond. We must learn to quiet our minds in order to tune in to the spirit world. Help is ours, is available to us, if we only avail ourselves of it. Another message from these books is that nothing happens to us by accident. Every trial, every pain we experience, is there for a reason. It is yet another lesson for us to learn from. We grow through what we experience.

What amazes me is how consistent these messages are with messages from other sources. My own background in the Christian Church, while differing at some key points, is strongly in agreement with all of this. My experiences in soul regression (which I will be writing about here in the future) are also along completely compatible lines. People, there is hope!!!