Fear Not!

There is much fear in our society. Fear is fostered, nurtured by the powers-that-be as a means of control. The Bush/Cheney administration in the USA consciously, deliberately introduced elements of fear into society. In fact, fear has been used to keep populaces docile for decades, if not centuries.

“The temptation is to listen and absorb the fear messages that you are constantly bombarded with — by organizations, institutions, politicians, and associations — ┬áby all forms of human organizations. Yes, even churches — or we might say, especially churches, for they indeed preach the message of fear. This is highly destructive from the perspective of the spiritual realm. It is highly dysfunctional. It serves to trap humanity in a vicious cycle of trying to fulfill the expectations of others or organizations and not to fulfill your own soul based intentions.”

This message was received recently by a medium I know. It came from advanced Light-Beings in the heavenly realm. When I read the part about churches I wanted to become defensive. But as I sat back and contemplated what was being said, I realized that there is truth contained in these words. Indeed, insofar as this message is genuine, there cannot be anything but truth in these words.

I had to admit that the Church has been complicit in spreading and maintaining fear in society. I have been part of organized religion all my life, including leadership positions. While I have been fortunate in having been led to very positive-minded churches for the most part, I know enough about Church as a whole that I must admit that the Church has often been guilty of spreading fear. Fear of “going to hell”, fear of losing salvation, fear of displeasing God, fear of being fooled by the devil, being led astray, and on and on and on.

In the spiritual realm, there is no cause for fear. One only has to trust the leadership that Spirit gives, and you need not fear. Walk boldly the path laid out for you; do not live in fear.

2 thoughts on “Fear Not!

  1. loved every piece you have written read everything from may until this particular piece on fear and oh what i read only empowers me to open my mind free itself of its baggage of fear and love to various different aspects , ideas etc… Thank you and keep writing!

  2. you know infact we as parents too instill fear in our own kids too… and how debilitating it is for them … thank you again!

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