Hereafter, a movie directed by Clint Eastwood, and starring Matt Damon, is a marvel to behold! Although coming with famous Hollywood names, it does not do the typical Hollywood treatment. It handles its subject matter delicately, and does not provide glib answers.

Its subject matter, the hereafter, is something almost all of us have questions about. What happens to us when we die? Where do our loved ones go who have died? What’s it like over there? How can I be sure they are okay? Can I connect with them? How can I learn about the hereafter?

Three stories, three people, each with their own, very unique, connection with the hereafter, are dealing with these and other questions. Three locations, Paris, London, and San Francisco. In a very gentle manner, Eastwood unveils these stories, and slowly, inevitably, brings them together. It is absolutely beautiful!

George (Damon) has a psychic gift which he considers a curse. He is able to make connection with the loved ones of people he meets who have passed on. He makes every effort to avoid using this gift, trying to pretend he does not have this ability. This doesn’t work, of course! Marie, a French TV celebrity, has a near-death experience causing many questions and sending her on a quest for answers. Marcus loses his twin brother in an accident and single-mindedly begins a search for connection.

For anyone with the least little bit of interest in the hereafter, this is a movie well worth tracking down and renting or purchasing. I am including it in the Soul Regression category of Urban Monk, not because it involves SR, but because it deals with the Spirit realm which is the realm SR accesses. And it does so in such a wonderful and attractive way that anyone interested in SR would be interested in this movie.

Check it out, folks! You’ll be glad you did!