Millenial Hospitality, part 2

I wrote a review on the first of five books titled Millennial Hospitality a couple months ago. As anticipated in that review, I have thoroughly enjoyed the subsequent books, Millennial Hospitality II, III, IV, V. They continue the fascinating story of the first book, the author’s interactions with alien beings in the Nevada desert during his tour of duty in the ’60’s as a weather observer.

MH III tells the story of Charlie Hall’s tour of duty in Vietnam, where he went after a couple years at Nellis AFB in Nevada. That story alone is a fascinating inside account of that war, which my generation is still trying to come to grips with.

But, obviously the most fascinating part of Hall’s stories have to do with his encounters with aliens from other planets.

Apparently the tall whites, the race he had most of his experiences with, have had a base in the southern Nevada desert for centuries. The Teacher, a tall white with whom he had many encounters, had seen the first settlers arriving in that part of the country. These beings live a lot longer than humans, often to seven or eight hundred years. And as a young girl, the Teacher had watched from the darkness as pioneers gathered around campfires in the evening.

Hall assisted the Teacher and another young female alien to gain a sense of what humans wear, especially human females. He would leave catalogues out for them to peruse. They would apparently then go shopping in nearby Las Vegas, sometimes appearing to him when he was off duty at one of the casinos, to get his appraisal of their appearance. With enough makeup, and dark glasses, they could meld with the crowds and not attract attention. Their chalk-white skin could be somewhat covered up. They learned to walk in earth gravity without appearing awkward. But they could not play the tables without attracting undue attention because of their ability to sense which cards were coming up!

In book V Hall is given another assignment, in another part of the desert, where he encounters another race of aliens. He calls these the Grays. His encounters with them were not near as extensive as his months and months of encounters with the Tall Whites. He was in the vicinity of the Grays only for a few weeks. And they were somewhat different from the tall whites, seemingly not quite as advanced technologically. But like the Tall Whites they had structures hidden in the desert. They also were quite nervous about approaching a human at close range, and Hall had to learn how to allow them space for encounters.

In the last part of book V Hall presents some conjecture about what could have happened at Roswell, based on his knowledge and experience from his encounters with the alien races. It is a fascinating proposal, and one which is entirely consistent with what he learned about how they come and go, how their society is structured and so on.

I am left with a few questions after reading these five books. The main one is that there were accounts of American Generals knowing about these aliens, and interacting with them. Indeed the Generals were often instrumental in helping the aliens attain their objectives in encountering humans.

This begs the question of why the aliens were so frightened of encountering a human out in the desert. They already had a history of interacting with the Generals, and would make their wishes known to someone in the Pentagon. Hall would receive orders originating in the Pentagon which his immediate superiors at Nellis could not go against. They were not allowed to question Hall, but to allow him to do pretty much as he chose within certain guidelines understood by all.

Charles Hall picked up enough tidbits of information that led him to believe that American Generals had been taken by alien spacecraft to the moon and beyond.

Now I have absolutely no problem believing that there is a lot going on behind the scenes dealing with very powerful interests. Some of the things strain my credulity a bit. But I am trying to be open about what could very well be happening. This just makes me wish the American government would come clean, and disclose to the public the extent of their dealings with alien races. I am convinced it is happening, and has happened for decades, but would like to know more details.