Duality versus unity. This is a concept I am currently trying to learn more about. I keep hearing about the unity of God, the godhead, the Spirit realm, the universe, and so on. And I keep running into comments about the duality we live in while on earth.

I am trying to learn what all this means. What are the implications of these concepts of duality and unity? How do they show themselves?  What problems are caused by our dualism? How do we “fix” it? How do we move from a dualistic way of thinking to a unified way of thinking? Are we even able, while incarnate on earth, to move into thinking in a unified way? Or are we doomed to remain dualistic?

I would dearly love to hear comments (or more questions!!) from anyone out there who has struggled with these concepts. I am not necessarily looking for answers, per se, but a conversation. Tell me what you think, what you believe. Is this important? Is it something I should be puzzling my brain about?

I guess my desire is to be increasingly godlike, to move toward becoming more and more like God. Isn’t this what Spirit wants? What do religions have to say about this? I know that the Christianity I was raised with encourages us to become more “christlike”. We are supposed to emulate our leader Jesus. And in the Christian scriptures Jesus tells us, and prays for us, to become one, just as he and the heavenly father are one.

This is enough for now, enough to start some thinking about this. I will share more in the future. And if I get any comments, you can be sure they will be incorporated into this conversation!

One thought on “Duality/Unity

  1. Duality. What’s to fix? What is the problem?
    And what are the two sides of the dual-ness?

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