Summer’s end

As we move into the last part of August, our weather in Alberta is changing. We have a cool, rainy day today. And it is forecast to be that way for the next few days. This sparks a time of reflections: what summer has been; what fall promises.

This has been a marvellous summer! The weather has been near perfect this year. No fiercely hot periods, but enough hot days to enjoy, to accomplish needed tasks. We finished staining our deck this summer (for which we needed warm, dry weather). It looks super!

We went camping, for the first time in a few years. This camping trip was with our granddaughter and her parents. It was wonderful to see nature from the perspective of a two and a half year old!

We made several day trips out of the city. And I managed to work full-time through it all!

As autumn approaches I naturally begin to think once again about Spiritus Chamber Choir. The upcoming season promises to be yet another exciting season of making music with a group of very talented musicians. A demonstration that my own musings are not isolated, our director sent out a greeting email, and a list of our first concert repertoire. It is always invigorating to contemplate new music!!

One thing my wife and I plan to do to bring summer to a close is a motorcycle day-trip. We have reserved a Harley Davidson for next week; we plan to ride into the mountains, hoping for favourable weather!

There is always nostalgia as summer comes to a close. The warmth of summer allows so many outdoor activities. Shortening days signal the coming end of this season. But there is also always heightened anticipation of another autumn season. Autumn has long been my favourite season. I love the lengthening evenings as lights become more and more important. There are a number of holidays during autumn, culminating in Christmas/New Years. And I love Christmas music. I love listening to my Christmas playlist. I play it on my bus during December. And of course, Spiritus will do a Christmas concert, so I will get to sing Christmas music. This year Spiritus is focusing on Spanish Christmas music: something new to anticipate.

So it is with mixed feelings that August begins to come to a close. Enjoy life!!!!