The Universe Speaks, Book Two

This is the third in a series of books written by Kimberly Klein. The first, Hummingbirds Don’t Fly in the Rain, was reviewed by me some months ago. I would recommend anyone interested in these books to read Hummingbirds. . . .¬†first. It tells the story which sets up the following two books, The Universe Speaks, books one and two.

The Universe Speaks¬†are transcriptions of the messages received from Talia, a 13 year-old girl who died in an airplane crash December, 2007. After she died she began contacting her mother, the author, and others, most notably “G”, a family friend who began hearing from Talia in very clear communications.

The messages from heaven contained in these two volumes are profound, reassuring, healing, and utterly fascinating. They are reassuring to anyone doubting the reality of the afterlife. Talia removes all doubt about that little detail!!

They are healing in the sense that Talia shares some of what her life over there is like. She is very busy, all the time. She is hard at work preparing people on earth for an understanding of their eternal nature. She works at helping earthlings understand how they can help others toward new consciousness. It sparks my confidence to think that heaven and its occupants are working very diligently to help us here on earth grow spiritually, assisting the transition of earth to a higher consciousness.

From my own understanding of the Spirit realms, Talia must have been a very advanced soul prior to coming to earth as Kimberly’s daughter. She was able to contact her earthbound family and friends very shortly after her death. And she was able to do this over a long period of time, very consistently, as recorded in these books.

The things learned from Talia’s communications are profound. There is so much about God and the heavenly realms which we do not understand. To hear Talia speak matter-of-factly about these realms makes it seem real and concrete.

Although Talia did not grow up in a religious home, her language is permeated with religious concepts and language. There is nothing in the things she says which disagrees with the Christian writings, the Bible. If anything they are affirming of the biblical writings, expanding on them to be sure, and making them seem very concrete.

I read a fair amount of spiritualistic writings. I have also had personal out-of-body experiences of the Spirit dimension. It is continually amazing to me (though it shouldn’t be, I guess!) how consistent all these messages are. Hearing the same things over and over, from diverse and numerous sources, makes these truths that much more real, lends them validity and credence.

One caution to potential readers: these books are quite spiritually profound and deep. Not everyone will be able to understand or accept the things presented in them. If you find that to be the case, then just chalk it up to something like perhaps you are not ready for these books. Or perhaps not ready to hear the truths being presented in them. Do not be judgemental toward those who are, and especially to those who go to the work of sharing these truths with the rest of us.

I am so thankful to Kimberly Klein for giving the world access to the personally painful experience of losing her daughter in the flesh, and then regaining access to her in the spirit. There is so much to learn from these communications.