David Wilcock

The Ascension Mysteries, written by Wilcock in 2016, is a much better read than his earlier books. I find David Wilcock difficult to read, overall. He has incredibly fascinating material to present, stunning revelations, very important perceptions, but he is so extremely intelligent, has so much information in his head, that he has difficulty, in my opinion, in getting it out there in a form that is comprehendible to common folk such as myself.

This book I found to be an exception to earlier works. In Ascension Mysteries he becomes much more personal, telling a lot of his own development in the field of esoteric knowledge. Therefore it is easier to relate, to understand where he is coming from.

The subtitle of this book is, Revealing the Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil. If you have read my previous review of the sci-fi novel, Sekret Machines, these books dovetail nicely, dealing with similar material.

Wilcock deals with this material from information he is receiving from insiders in the US secret space program (SSP). Over the years he has developed contacts with people who either have or are working with the US military and intelligence agencies on developing technology gleaned from downed alien spacecraft. At least, this is where it began, beginning in the 1940’s when a number of alien spacecraft were discovered.

But what has grown out of this is an incredibly complex and huge program involving information and enterprises which to us public are totally mind-blowing and impossible to grasp. The powers-that-be have been so successful in keeping this hidden from sight that we can hardly conceive that these things are even possible, much less happening right under our noses.

I must confess personally I have a difficult time believing half the things being revealed. But reading this book gave me much more trust in David Wilcock and his work. He absolutely believes in the authenticity of his information. He is very open when his sources don’t always agree on details, and lays the information out as such. Especially in this book, where David openly reveals his life to the reader, I find him to have complete integrity. He is certainly not trying to pull one over on his reading public.

What he is trying to do is to prepare us, the human race, for a shift in consciousness he calls ascension. He expects this to happen in the next five years or so. The timelines are not always super clear, but it is coming, and it is coming quickly, in his estimation.

In the last chapter of this book, Wilcock writes about some personal revelations he has received through his own meditation practices. A lot of this, apparently, happened during retreats he took in Banff, Alberta. This is close to where I live, and I can completely understand receiving divine inspiration while in that area. My wife and I were in Banff yesterday; it is truly a magnificent, spiritual, and magic place upon our Earth!

Some of what David received while in Banff was information that he is a hybrid, a term I am familiar with from my own soul regression work and readings. A hybrid soul is someone who has had many, if not most, of their previous incarnations on another planet or planets. His incarnations on Earth are recent; he has not necessarily lived many lives on our planet. But he has agreed to come here specifically at this time to assist our human race to achieve ascension.

From my own exposure to soul regression work, I have absolutely no trouble accepting this. I have understood there are many, many souls who have incarnated here for this precise purpose, at this time in our history, to assist us in ascension.

In addition to his spiritual experiences, David is also very aware of a lot of scientific knowledge. The Earth is currently close to entering a phase in its life where there will be a cosmic shift in its existence. This has to do with the rotation of the galaxy, with alignment to the centre of our galaxy, etc. No one knows for sure exactly what this might entail, but there seems to be quite widespread knowledge that something very significant is right on our doorstep. This may not be entirely pleasant to live through; it might mean societal and environmental upheaval, but the end result will be a much more peaceful stage of existence.

David also has recently been reading ancient writings, such as the Bible. He quotes extensively toward the end of the book from biblical prophecies regarding all these events. He grew up with a decided anti-religious bias (his mother had come out of a conservative, fundamentalist upbringing). And he clearly recognizes the great harm organized religion has done in society over the centuries, but he is also beginning to see that religion has recognized that much of what he is talking about is expected. David might use different language than religious people are used to, but he is projecting similar occurrences.

Since I also have come out of a very conservative, fundamentalist view of the world, and feel I have a much more open stance today toward things spiritual, I found his own journey into the scriptures completely fascinating. I myself have not turned my back on the Bible in any way. I have merely grown away from the orthodox way of interpreting the scriptures and rather see them in the light of knowledge I have been gaining the last number of years. Because of this, I identify with David’s journey to a great extent.

I encourage anyone with a bent to seeing and hearing things from a new perspective to check out this book. Fortunately Wilcock’s books are much more accessible than the Sekret Machines book I reviewed previously!! I’m sure you can find The Ascension Mysteries in most libraries, bookstores, and certainly online.

Sekret Machines

An astounding book!!!! And I discovered that the Sekret Machines franchise includes a number of works in the planning stages. The book I read is a novel titled, Book 1: Chasing Shadows, by Tom DeLonge and A.J. Hartley.

This is a sic-fi novel of the highest level! It is well written and well conceived. Part of this expert conception is no doubt attributable to the fact that it is based on fact. Tom DeLonge had an experience where he proverbially happened to be in the right place at the right time. He gained access to insider information about the secret space program (SSP) of the USA. So the novel is based on real events. A series of events, really. And because they are based on real events, they sound convincing. These aren’t stories emerging merely from the mind of an author holed up in his basement office pecking away at his keyboard. These things really happened. The authors merely have to flesh them out.

The format of the book is to follow about four main characters. As it jumps back and forth between them, I had to get used to paying attention to who was being talked about, what the time frames were, what locations they were in. It took me a couple chapters to get used to this format, but once in, I was hooked!!! I read this 680 page book in two days straight! I had not done this type of concentrated reading for years and years! Admittedly the type-face is quite widely spaced, and the pages are not nearly as large as many books. So the pages flip quickly! Please do not allow your initial shock of the size of the book to put you off. It will reward you if you are brave enough to enter its pages!

I will not spoil the contents for anyone interested enough to track this book down and read it. It certainly is worth doing that, but I will warn you it may take some effort to get your hands on a copy. My local city library did not have a copy; I had to get it through in interlibrary loan. (I have submitted a request to my library to purchase a copy, as everyone should be reading this story!)

But a general overview is that the story deals with details of the US SSP over the years. The time span goes back to WWII years, up into the present. The story gives snippets of interactions of the US military/intelligence agencies with extra-terrestrial beings, and mostly with the reverse-engineering of alien technology. There are also scenes of corporate interests in the SSP. There are stories of how the ruling elite try to keep a cover on these stories, how they attempt to keep their hold on secret power and technology. All of this makes for an extremely page-turning thriller!

Following up on the publication, in 2016, of this first in a proposed trilogy of novels, will be non-fiction accounts covering the same material, but in a more factual, complete treatment. The non-fiction series is titled, Sekret Machines: God, Man and War. The first book will be, Sekret Machines: God. It is expected out this spring, the spring of 2017. I can hardly wait! As I also eagerly anticipate the publication of the second novel in the Sekret Machines series. More information can be found on the website: tothestars.media. (Personally I did not find the website particularly helpful, but it is interesting to visit.)

But seek out the book! You will not be sorry!

I’m Back!

After a six-month sabbatical the Monk is back!! I had never before taken more than a month break between posts to the Urban Monk website. I can’t explain why, necessarily. I suppose I just didn’t feel I had a lot to say about things.

The US presidential campaign captivated a lot of my attention during the fall. I was very disheartened to see Bernie Sanders fall by the wayside leading up to the Democratic Convention. Very reluctantly I swung my support to Hilary Clinton. Like Sanders, I felt any option was preferable to Donald Trump. I watched his growing support with a sinking feeling of dismay in my heart, even when I didn’t think he had a chance to win.

On the night of the election I was absolutely gobsmacked as the counts began to come in.  Clinton won the election, yes, but Trump was winning the archaic, outdated institution of the US electoral college. I must confess I learnt more about that feature of US politics than I ever learnt growing up and being educated in the USA.

It was with heavy-hearted irony I heard Trump saying just days before the election that it was “rigged”, setting up the scenario of saving face when he lost. After he won, of course, we heard a different story from him. Then the process was not at all rigged.

As with the above, all throughout the campaign, I realized that whenever Trump criticized someone or something (like the media), he really was projecting his own insecurities onto others, a practice common to those who suffer mental illness or dysfunction. As a deeply spiritual seeker, I have learned that placing blame for shortcomings onto sources outside myself is as damaging to my soul as any addiction. Trump seemingly knows no other way of being.

Anyway, the election results sent me into a bit of a tailspin. I was quite depressed, for quite a long while. The hoped-for second coming of Trump (“he just says those things in the heat of campaigning”; “he will be different once he’s in office”; etc, etc, etc,) did not materialize, of course, as everyone can now see. I grew more and more fearful as I saw him gather some of the most dysfunctional, immature bullies around him during the transition. The element of fear as control was never more evident. Trump continued to bumble from one disaster to another. Every day’s news brought new stories of mishandling and mismanagement. It was clearer and clearer that he had no clue what he was doing, and was unwilling to listen to anyone else who might have had some clue how to handle the reigns of assuming power.

It was therefore with absolute delight that we began hearing rumours of protests as inauguration approached. I was at work on the Saturday after, but my wife continued to send texts of the enormity of the protests of the women’s marches happening across the country and around the world. As everyone now knows, the protests attracted many times the numbers of people that organizers had hoped for. It was leagues and leagues beyond anyones grandest hopes.

And there my view of things in the world began to shift. I began to see that some good could emerge from the evil of the Trump world. If it stimulates people to speak up and get involved, that is a good thing. Trump’s abject disregard for anyone else’s good beyond his own (and maybe his family’s) might yet reveal to the world the darkest side of American power. And with those revelations being so stunningly clear people seem to be motivated to respond in positive ways. Out of darkness comes light!

Hope grows!! I do not necessarily expect dawning to happen quickly. Things will undoubtedly continue to get worse as the Trump administration is revealed to be more and more criminal. But dawn will come! Good will prevail. We can endure. We can change things. There is hope!!